Maryland Judiciary Case Search
Maryland Judiciary Case Search

Maryland Judiciary Case Search

What Is The Maryland Judiciary Case Search?

The Maryland Judiciary Case Search provides online access to public information from Maryland case records as described in the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records (Rules 16-901 through 16-912).  The Maryland Judiciary Case Search was introduced to satisfy information requests commonly received in the court clerks’ offices. Online public data lists information such as names of parties, city and state, case number, date of birth, trial date, charge, and case disposition. The Maryland Case Search includes detailed case information for all Maryland Circuit and District Court Case Management Systems.

How Can I Access The Maryland Judiciary Case Search?

Access is available to the general public by visiting the official Maryland Judiciary Case Search website by visiting

What Public Records Are Available?

The Maryland District Court criminal, and civil case records as well as the Maryland Circuit Court criminal and civil case records are available for public search. The amount of historical data could vary by jurisdiction based on when an automated case management system was deployed and how the system in that jurisdiction has evolved.

How Often Are Records Updated?

The Maryland Judiciary Case information is entered into the system by the clerk’s office and available for public search on the Maryland Case Search website almost immediately upon entry. However, there is an exception of the Montgomery County Circuit Court which is delayed by approximately 10 minutes or more. The official recorded time when a clerk enters case information into the system varies by jurisdiction.

How Long Do Court Records Remain Available?

The Maryland Case Search Records can remain available online indefinitely and are not removed except for a court-ordered case such as expungement.

Can Federal & State Tax Liens Be View On Case Search?

Federal and Maryland State Tax Liens are officially recorded in the Maryland circuit courts.  Data may not be available online in Case Search, this depends on the process used by the court to record the liens. To determine whether a court is recording Federal and state tax lien data for Case Search, you should contact the court directly.

How Could I Find Additional Case Information?

Additional case information is available at the courthouse where the official case record is on file. These requests must be made in person or in writing. The clerk’s office is unable to accept phone requests.

I’m Not Familiar With The Legal Terms Used In Case Records, What Should I Do?

You can view a list of common legal terms here but it may be best to find a lawyer near you to seek additional legal information and advice.

For more information on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search system please visit their official website at or the Maryland Courts Website.

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