How to Remove Profile From Corporation Wiki
How to Remove Profile From Corporation Wiki

How to Remove Profile From Corporation Wiki

How To Remove Public Information From Corporation Wiki

Corporation Wiki is a website that details public inforation data on things such as a person or specific company. The website serves as a business directory that pulls public data from sources across the web such as the Secretary of State website which can detail owners of a company and a even information such as home address or contant details.

Reputation management is something many business do to audit their presence online but many people also do this to audit their public profile and what information is available about them. This is important for online safety and maintaining a level of privacy, especially for people that have been victims of crimes such as Stalking, Identity Theft or other areas of Fraud. Get started with our step-by-step guide on removing your public profile from Corporation Wiki.

  1.  Visit and you will see a box that says “Enter a person or company name to search”. Type in the desired person or company you’re looking for and click “Search” or hit “Enter” on your keyboard.
  2.  From the list of results, click on the profile or record which you’re looking to find.
  3.  Copy the profile url from the address bar (Important to copy this for the Opt-Out Process).
  4. Visit and follow the instruction listed. Enter the URL of the profile you would like removed in the section that says “URL to opt-out”. Next enter your email in the Authorization section that says “Email Address” and make sure you have access to this email address as you will need it for a confirmation email. Finally enter your full name in the “Electronic Signature” section and click “I agree to terms. Submit Request”.
  5. After you have submitted your request you will need to check your email for a confirmation email from Corportation Wiki. Inside the email it will list a link that says “Confirm edit for “Profile Name” you will need to click on this link to confirm the deletion of the profile. Once you have clicked the link you’re all finished. The record should now be removed. Remember it could take weeks for results in Google to no longer be shown.

Protecting your identity online is something that everyone should be adamant about reviewing routinely to insure your public or private information is well protected. If you have been a victim of Identity Theft, Stalking or areas of Fraud it’s strongly suggested to contact a qualified Attorney to assit with your potential legal matter. Find an Attorney now!

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