Popular Vape Company JUUL Faces Lawsuit
Popular Vape Company JUUL Faces Lawsuit

Popular Vape Company JUUL Faces Lawsuit

Popular Vape Company JUUL Faces Lawsuit

The Juul Vape is a trendy, sleek e-cigarette.  A San Francisco- based company, recently valued at $15 billion, charges via computer, filled with nicotine salt, and exceedingly popular is facing a growing lawsuit filed by a handful of consumers, several states and federal investigations.

The Juul vape has been under the spotlight in the last few months. The filling against the sleek e-cigarette alleges that the vaping of Juul is addictive – each cartridge is loaded with as much nicotine as a pact of regular cigarette. Many doubts the sincerity of the Juul mission statement; to improve the lives of the world’s 1 billion adult smoker. Now, the vape Juul is facing a growing backlash.

Consumers vaping Juul has filed at least three lawsuits against Juul. The first case was filed in California in the US District Court by Colgate of La Jolla and McKnight of Arroyo Grande. The suit claims that vaping of Juul products, resulted in an increase addition to nicotine. The lawsuit claims that the intense dosage of nicotine salt delivered by Juul products resulted in an increase in addiction to nicotine.

The second lawsuit by consumer filled by Carl Cooper in San Francisco Superior court, allege that Juul made his addiction worse, turning him to a habitual user of nicotine salt from Juul pods. The complaint claims; he feels more compelled to vape Juul pods every single day.

In New York, a lawsuit on Juul was filed by the mother of a 15 year- old, identified as “DP.” In the suit, she claims his addiction to vaping Juul pod has affected both his academic performance and behavior. The complaint claims that despite all attempt to deter his use of Juul, his “urges” become more powerful and he never stops vaping Juul.

In response to this lawsuits, Juul Lab has announced to spend $30 million over the next three years to educate teens about why they shouldn’t start vaping. Juul is seriously ramping up its government relations and lobbying effort, to ward off parent’s scrutiny, regulations, and health advocates. Spokesperson of the company, Victorian Davis openly stated: “Juul lab does not believe the cases have merit and will be defending them vigorously.”

The device resembles a computer thumb drive, which makes it easier to be concealed. Juul pods are filled with several flavored nicotine juices (mango, cucumber…) which have caught on fast with lots of adolescents. The high nicotine content in Juul is well-known; apparently, it was designed with adult cigarette smokers in mind says the company, to help them switch to e-cigarettes. Juul’s product delivers the same effect as a cigarette but with a slight difference; – it uses nicotine salt, and it comes in different flavors.

Although most lawsuit claims; the act of vaping, introduces a foreign substance into the lungs and with a continuous use may cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; still, research on Juul products – both on its possible danger and on whether it truly help people quit cigarette smoking – is on-going.

The Juul Vape Pen has been making headlines over the year from celebrities like Selena Gomez using the popular vape pen, to an epidemic of underage users caught vaping.

What is a Juul Device?

  • JUUL uses an intelligent heating mechanism that creates an aerosol and is engineered to minimize combustion.
  • JUUL is a closed system vapor product and is not designed to be refillable.
  • JUUL is rechargeable via a USB port.

What is a Juul Pod?

  • A JUUL pod is the cartridge that clicks into the top of the JUUL device.
  • JUULpods contain a proprietary salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula, which is mixed under strict quality-controlled processes, and is intended to help satisfy smokers when transitioning from cigarettes.

What is an E-liquid?

  • An e-liquid is the fluid used in vapor products to create the actual vapor.

What is Vapor?

  • Vapor is the aerosol that is generated when an e-liquid is heated.

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