Attorney Marketing During COVID-19
Attorney Marketing During COVID-19

Attorney Marketing During COVID-19

Essentials For Growing Your Practice During The Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic

The United States is facing a growing pandemic as the spread of Coronavirus increases and Covid-19 continues to make press headlines. As news about our Global Economy, Social Distancing increases so does the dangers of increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases.

Right now as a nation we face a time of uncertainty as we battle this virus causing not only dangers to our own health but our Economy as well. As Business Owners prepare for the next few months of economic uncertainty, many owners are also focusing on how they can continue to operate and grow their Business. Focusing on continued operation and developing new areas of Marketing is essential for Business Growth right now.

Attorneys and Law Firms should all be focusing on these two areas during this global Pandemic.

Continued Operation & Customer Service

This should be the first priority of all Attorneys & Law Firms right now. Identify how this pandemic has affected your operations and customer service. Establish what you need to maintain continued operation and support for your customers. Maybe this means adding Video Tele-Conferencing, Online Chat or Extended Hours of Phone Support. Has your office been forced to close or courts rescheduled? Make contact with your customers and let them know what’s going on. Make sure your website and social media accounts identify what changes are affecting your business. Create a company email campaign to your current and past clients and let them know how Covid-19 has changed operations for the company and also how their needs can be taken care of and how they can contact you during this time.

Create An Online Voice Through Social Media

Use this time to create a personal voice for your Law Firm through social media. Comment on current news articles, share stories that relate to your practice on Twitter. Create discussion posts in Linkedin or use the platform to connect with other Attorneys and offer insight on your Law Firm is handling the current situation.

Let the public hear your voice and establish your online presence, social media is a powerful tool for networking and creating an opportunity to meet new clients.

However don’t exploit the situation with Spam or unnecessary advertising in your posts. Be sure to engage with your audience through comments or direct messages you receive, however avoid confrontation or political banter.

Create a YouTube Channel For Your Law Firm

YouTube has become an important part for Businesses in connecting with new clients and establishing an audience. The platform has added SEO potential due to its Google connection which is one of the biggest benefits. YouTube also has live-streaming options and social tools, which its expanding as it works to keep in line with evolving consumer trends – while they also recently added the ability to target users based on their Google search behavior. The platform is easy to navigate and videos can be shot anywhere with minimal equipment such as using your Smart Phone. Here is a quick guide on how to create a YouTube Channel for your Law Firm.

Audit Your Current Legal Marketing Efforts

This is a great time to sit down and audit your current marketing efforts. Your first focus should be on your Law Firm Website. Don’t have a website or in need of creating a new one? Now is the perfect time for you make sure your website has all of the necessities to showcase your firms capabilities and to show you’re the trusted expert among your competitors.

Review your current advertising and track it’s performance. How many customers have called due to your ad efforts? How many clicks has your website received from online advertising or pay-per click ads?

What’s Next For Businesses

Right now the biggest focus will remain on fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. For many Business Owners it’s not only about what’s next or how the economy will recover but also how to weather the current economic situation in uncertain times. Time are changing and it’s a perfect opportunity for Law Firms to analyze new ways to grow their potential client outreach and also to audit their current marketing efforts.

Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Home and maintain Social Distancing until things get back to normal.

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