Where Do I Start When Charged With A Crime?
Where Do I Start When Charged With A Crime

Where Do I Start When Charged With A Crime?

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime?

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the basic things that everyone should immediately address if they find themselves, or a loved one, facing criminal charges.  A criminal charge higher than a Class C misdemeanor (traffic tickets and low-level offenses) will generally be brought by the District Attorney’s Office, in whatever county the alleged crime occurred in.   For example, if you have been arrested for a 1st DWI in any city within the limits of Denton County, that charge will be prosecuted by the office of the Denton County District Attorney.

At Ross Law Offices, we believe it is almost always beneficial to seek counsel from a criminal defense attorney whose practice is located in the county in which the charge is pending.  Every county is different, and having an experienced attorney who knows local rules and regulations, and is familiar with court clerks, coordinators, judges, and district attorneys can have a very large impact on how successful the representation is.  This is not to say that if you hire a local attorney your case is going to be dismissed.  But local counsel often facilitates a much more successful representation, and can often result in a better result with your case.  While we at Ross Law Offices will take out-of-county cases when clients’ insist on our representation, the large majority of our practice is in Denton County.

From years of practice, we’ve heard one common question that deserves a fair and honest answer:  How do I go about finding an attorney that is truly qualified, and where do I start?

This is a very good question, and it is one that you should definitely be asking if you find yourself in this situation.  First, we recommend speaking to friends and relatives who may have worked with an attorney in the past.  First-hand recommendations from trusted sources will provide reliable, unbiased information.  At Ross Law Offices, approximately 80% of our new clients are referred by past clients.  We are very proud of this fact, as we believe it reflects the service and quality of representation we provide for our clients.

If you do not know anyone who may have worked with an attorney, or feel uncomfortable discussing the situation with friends and relatives, do your research.  Court staff, bailiffs, officers and other courthouse personnel are often great resources for free advice.  With the right kind of research, the internet can also provide valuable insight into an attorney’s qualifications.  It’s usually not advised to simply look for the flashiest website or biggest billboard.  Look at previous client recommendations and research sights such as Attorney Review Guide.  But most importantly, speak with the attorney IN PERSON before you make any decisions.  We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of actually sitting down with a prospective attorney so that the two of you can discuss your case in detail, ask and answer questions, and provide you with a general sense of whether a particular attorney is going to be a good fit.  We understand that it is much more convenient to simply call prospective attorneys, but determining whether or not a specific attorney is going to be the right choice is almost impossible to do over the phone.

At Ross Law Offices, we offer a free no-obligation initial consult to sit down with you and discuss your case.  And you will be sitting down with your attorney, Mr. Ross, and not just a representative for the firm who’s only job is to bring in clients.  In addition, when you hire Mr. Ross, and Ross Law Offices, you will be working with Mr. Ross and Mr. Ross only.  At Ross Law Offices, we do not “farm-out” work to other attorneys, or have junior associates or interns who handle our cases.  (Unfortunately, in today’s legal climate, this practice is all too common.)  When you hire Ross Law Offices, Mr. Ross will be your attorney, representing you at all pre-trial dockets, hearings, DA meetings, and throughout the jury trial process, if necessary.  We can say this because should the need arise, Mr. Ross is a true “trial attorney”, who enjoys going to jury trial and actually trying cases.  A little-known fact is that many criminal defense attorneys rarely, if ever, step foot in court for jury trial.  Either they prefer not to try cases, or they would rather not spend the time.  Either way, with Ross Law Offices, you are getting an attorney who will work diligently with you, one-on-one, fight hard to reach the most desirable outcome, and if necessary, represent you’re interests and aggressively pursue a verdict of Not Guilty in a jury trial.

Again, we offer a free consultation to discuss your case and our philosophy in detail, and invite you to contact us should the need arise.

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John Anthony Ross, Jr. is a Criminal Defense Attorney located in Denton, TX. Mr. Ross is also a featured author for Attorney Review Guide.

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