Reviews and feedback are one of the most important things consumers consider when seeking out a major purchase. This same principal is no different when potential clients are seeking out a highly recommended Attorney to assist in their legal matter.

The Attorney Review Guide is an online review and rating source for Attorneys & Law Firms. Our goal is to ease consumer friction in their search for hiring a Lawyer. The Attorney Review Guide is free to consumers to review and rate their attorneys based on their overall experience.

We invite you today to leave a review for an Attorney that you have worked with. Your opinion may help someone in their decision to hire a reputable Lawyer.

How to Review an Attorney

Reviews and ratings are extremely valuable to Attorneys from previous clients. This helps a new client in their search for a Lawyer for their legal matter.

Here is how to review and rate an Attorney:

  1. To leave a review you will need to be a registered user. This is free
  2. To register for a user account, please click the green “register” button listed on the top right
  3. Enter a Username, Password and valid Email address
  4. Select the check box after “agreeing” and reading the Privacy Policy
  5. Select the check box after “agreeing” and reading the Terms & Conditions
  6. Click “Register” Button
  7. If registration is successful you will see a success message and your account is now available.
  8. Click the light blue “login” button on the top right and enter your account details and click “login”.
  9. Search for the desired Attorney profile you would like to leave a review for
  10. Once you select the Attorney profile you would like to review click to view their page
  11. Click “Reviews” listed below their profile name
  12. Click “Add a Review”
  13. Select the desired rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best rating you can select
  14. Enter a headline title for your review (ex. Excellent Attorney!!!)
  15. Enter text in the “Your Review” area and detail about your experience and why you selected the rating you did.
  16. Click “Submit Review” and your review is now live!

Attorney Review Guide (ARG) is a consumer-driven website focused on helping people in need of legal representation find the right attorney for their specific need. This means finding not only an attorney who practices in a specific field or geographical location, but one who is truly qualified and capable of handling your case effectively.

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