Notorious Mobster "Whitey" Bulger Killed In Prison

Notorious Mobster “Whitey” Bulger Killed In Prison

Notorious Mobster James “Whitey” Bulger Killed In Prison

While living a life of extortion, murder, breach of contract, snitching on mobsters, and double-crossing, Whitey Bulger has been able to gather enemies on enemies for himself. Having lived a decade on the run, James “Whitey” Bulger was finally incarcerated at the US Federal Penitentiary Hazelton where he served for about five years before he was found dead right in his cell. His death wasn’t the first for the prison that was already under scrutiny for other deaths. Two other prison inmates were stabbed to death in fights with fellow inmates this year at US Penitentiary Hazelton with one occurring in April and the other recently on September 17.
The deaths of these inmates has prompted swift action from members of Congress to send at least two letters to Justice Department officials in October, which occurred days before James Bulger even arrived at Hazelton. Congress Members and Department of Justice Officials raised concerns about conditions of the facility and whether federal prisons like it were properly or adequately staffed.
Although he was sent to the Federal prison, Whitey Bulger’s enemies remained with memories of him deeply engraved in their hearts. Probably beaten by a fellow inmate, James Bulger who was aged 89 at that time was found dead right in his cell. This discovery would not come as a shock to his followers as they are fully aware of the type of atrocities he had committed. Michael Kendall a prosecutor who represented one of the families of Bulger’s murder victims while speaking to newsmen right after the case revealed that those who had criminal dealings with Whitey Bulger were betrayed by his actions, while he claimed to be friends with them, he still went ahead to inform not just other rival criminal groups but also law enforcement agencies. Kendall went further to reveal that anyone who claims to be committed to the law would never consider Bulger to be a reliable informant. He went further to state that Bulger used the information he passed to manipulate several law enforcement agencies in order to enable him to carry out his criminal activities. Although no official announcement has been made on the circumstances that led to the death of Mr. James Whitey Bulger, several of the prison employees who spoke to newsmen revealed that Bulger did not die of either old age or an ailment. They stated that he was likely beaten by fellow inmates at the prison in West Virginia where he was recently transferred to just less than 48 hours ago. Reports coming from some prison employees have shed more light on the death of Bulger. Some stated that Bulger was most likely attacked by fellow inmates between 6 am. This happens to be the time when the cell doors are unlocked for inmates to have breakfast. Bulger did not show up for breakfast. It was not until 8 am when prison staffs had to make rounds that Bulger was found covered heavily with blankets. The prison employees tried to shake him to make him respond and blood was found all over the blanket. Although the perpetrators have not been identified, most of the prison workers suggest that Whitey Bulger’s murder was carried out by fellow “mob” associated inmates. Some in the law enforcement also claims that the act was perpetrated by people involved in organized criminal activities, one senior official who has spent a considerable amount of time overseeing organized crimes revealed that Bulger’s murder was carried out by an organized crime figure. Carney Junior, a lawyer representing James Whitey Bulger has blamed the prison employees and the prison system at U.S. Penitentiary Hazleton in general for the death of his client. Carney revealed that he was proud to have represented Whitey Bulger throughout his history of Criminal Court Cases.
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