Kevin Hart Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

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Kevin Hart Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Celebrity Comedian and Actor Kevin Hart has settled an ongoing Trademark Infringement Lawsuit.  The lawsuit claimed Kevin Hart was attempting to ruin another man’s work. However, the lawsuit has been fully resolved. So, Kevin Hart can now have more breathing space, because the owner of The Laugh Out Loud Comedy, Scott Montoya, has filed to dismiss his lawsuit case against Kevin Hart on October 16. Other Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have also been facing Copyright and Trademark lawsuits.

Who Is Scott Montoya?

Scott Montoya has been in the entertainment industry way back since two decades ago. He first started his career by producing stand up comedy shows, but he later started managing comedy talents, because he had been involved and had managed the careers of up to 25 comedians.

Fast forward to 2013, Scott Montoya started Laugh Out Loud. Laugh Out Loud is an original stand up comedy films, and also an online streaming service that offers individuals video streaming through different options.

Who Is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is a comedian, a Television Host, and also an actor. He was born and also grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started his career in the entertainment industry by first winning different competitions meant for amateurs, and usually held in clubs in England. He landed his first real acting role in 2001 when he played a role in the Tv Series titled “Declared.” The series was only stopped at season one, but he was able to get more other roles, and he got to feature in some other movies. As of 2008, Kevin Hart was already well known in the Entertainment industry, and his reputation continued to grow.

According to the documents that were gotten from the court, Kevin Hart and Scott Montoya both agreed to end the battle, dismiss the lawsuit, and also pay their own legal expenses.

Lions gate, who is also a co-defendant in the case have paid Montoya money as part of the deal, of which lion’s gate insurance paid the sum of the money involved.

In 2016, Kelvin Hart was trying to start three new trademarks for Laugh Out Loud, and also do a new comedy collaboration with Lions gate. Montoya on hearing this fought the trademark and then filed a lawsuit against Kevin Hart.

According to the lawsuit;  Kevin Hart was trying to ruin Montoya’s brand that he has struggled to get across to over tens of millions people for the past eight years.

Montoya also complained that all the domains and some other properties that were connected to Laugh Out Loud in one way or the other were being purchased by Kevin Hart, and that was making Montoya’s businesses to gradually go down the drain.

So, In Montoya’s Lawsuit, it was appealed to the superior court for an injunction against Kevin Hart for making use of Laugh Out Loud’s trademark, and all the earnings Kevin Hart made from them should be returned too.

The lawsuit was dismissed by Scott Montoya right after the movie titled  “Night School” was released, and both Hart and Montoya agreed to pay their legal expenses.

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