Chris Cornell's Family Files Lawsuit After Singers Death

Chris Cornell’s Family Files Lawsuit After Singers Death

Late Singer Of Soundgarden Chris Cornell’s Family Files Lawsuit Over Singers Death

The family of the late singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave known as Chris Cornell has filed a lawsuit against the doctor that treated him before his death. The family of Chris Cornell has placed the responsibility of the singers death on the Doctor that was treating him. The family reported and filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court that “Doctor, Robert Koblin carelessly and consistently prescribed dangerous mind-altering drugs that made Chris Cornell to engage in behaviors that are dangerous and impulsive, and because he couldn’t control these behaviors, so they cost him his own life. Although his family confirmed that the singer had a history of substance abuse and also confirmed how the late singer was chemical dependent, his family still claimed that the doctor prescribed more than 940 doses of Lorazepam (Ativan) to Cornell during the last twenty months of his life, while he still treated by the doctor. The family also claimed that Dr. Koblin did not perform any medical test, clinical assessment, or any laboratory study on late Cornell after administering those heavy doses of Lorazepam to him. Chris Cornell was 52 years old at the time of his death, and he died in May 2017. Although the official autopsy that was later released reported that suicide by hanging was the cause of the singer’s death. Even at that, his family still argued that it was the Lorazepam dose that was administered to Chris Cornell that made him kill himself because he could not control his actions. Dr. Koblin’s attorney, on the other hand, defended that the Lorazepam prescriptions Dr.Koblin made were appropriate. Then he also went on to say Dr. Koblin is an experienced and a competent doctor. He also said he has always enjoyed the physician-patient relationship he had with Dr. Koblin, along with other members of his family that also enjoy Dr. Koblin’s medical service. He also continued by saying that, he consulted with other experts and they also believe that the treatment Dr. Koblin administered to Cornell was within the community’s standard care, and were not a contributing factor to the death of the singer. When a toxicology report was carried out on Cornell in June 2017, it revealed that the singer also had several prescriptions of drugs in his system. Which included Lorazepam, and a tranquilizer that is usually used to treat anxiety. The tranquilizer slows down the brain activity so that it can relax, and be effective.  However, according to the US National Library Of Medicine, dosing on Lorazepam can be addictive and habit forming. Cornell’s wife, who is now obviously a widow was also part of the people that filed the lawsuit against the doctor, and she also disputed that Cornell’s death was not intentional, and he was under the influence of the drugs administered to him. She said in a statement in May 2017 that Cornell loved his children, and would not do anything to hurt them by taking his own life intentionally.
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